LEGaTO presentation at HiPEAC19: “The LEGaTO toolchain for Heterogeneous Computing”

LEGaTo will participate in HiPEAC19, taking place on 21-23 January in Valencia (Spain). Miquel Pericas, from LEGaTO's partner CHALMERS, will talk about energy efficiency through software and task distribution in the presentation “The LEGaTO toolchain for Heterogeneous Computing”, to be held on January 22 at 13:00 h.

This presentation is under the workshop BeyondExa2: Workshop on Post-Exascale Programmability, which will have the participation of four speakers in total. "With Exascale in the horizon, the focus has shifted towards the post-Exascale world. Current expectations are that the next era of HPC will feature extreme heterogeneity, coupled with the rise of alternative architectures such as neuromorphic computing and quantum computing. Several events, have started to investigate these new heterogeneous architectures, yet their programmability remains mainly unexplored. Should programming abstractions remain close to the hardware to exploit computational capabilities? Will we finally be able to find higher levels of abstractions that can bridge the expected heterogeneity or even alternate architectures? Will experience from cloud, big data and deep learning models influence the programmability of classical HPC systems? Or will programming in HPC, due to its bleeding edge nature, remain a field on its own? In this workshop, experts from the various communities will discuss these questions and highlight a path forward on how to efficiently program and exploit post-Exascale systems."