LEGaTO is a low
energy toolset
for heterogeneous

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The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) provides an efficient, independent, industry-based mechanism for quickly obtaining real-world feedback on project interim results.

LEGaTO participated in the conference PDP 2019, that took place in Pavia, Italy on 13-15 February. LEGaTO researchers presented two key articles. 

We work to increase in energy efficiency computing by building a Made-in-Europe mature software stack.

The LEGaTO project will apply to three use cases


Will demonstrate not only a decrease in energy consumption but an increase in healthcare application resilience and security.

IoT for Smart Homes and Cities

The LEGaTO project software–hardware framework for the IoT will demonstrate ease of programming and energy savings in smart homes and smart cities application.

Machine Learning

Will improve energy efficiency by employing accelerators and tuning the accuracy of computations at runtime using CNNs and LSTM.