Heterogeneous LEGaTO Hardware - Cloud to Edge Platform


The LEGaTO Cloud to Edge hardware platform combines all RECS platforms and is used in all use cases.



The RECS|Box is a heterogeneous cloud microserver solution used in three LEGaTO use cases: machine learning, healthcare and smart city. Its main features are:

  • Heterogeneous microserver approach, integrating CPU (X86 or Arm), GPU (Nvidia), and FPGA (Xillinx and Altera) technology
  • High-speed, low-latency communication infrastructure, scalable across multiple chassis
  • Modular, blade-style design, hot pluggable/swappable



The t.RECS is a heterogeneous edge microserver solution used in two LEGaTO use cases: machine learning and smart home. Its main features are:

  • Optimized platform for local / edge applications
  • Provide interfaces for video, camera, peripheral input (USB), Custom interfaces (e.g. Radar)
  • Compact dimensions (1 RU / 2 RU)
  • Combine FPGA and GPU acceleration



This Maxeler FPGA HPC platform is used in the healthcare use case. Its main features are:            

  • Eight dataflow engines in 1 RU
  • Up to 1 TByte of DFE RAM
  • Infiniband connection