Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) provides an efficient, independent, industry-based mechanism for quickly obtaining real-world feedback on project interim results. Moreover, it facilitates industry’s direct participation in identifying and pursuing exploitation opportunities. The IAB members are chosen by the General Assembly (GA) in order to meet three  main objectives:


  • Evaluate the scientific quality and principally practical application of the work
  • Provide expert opinion to the GA and the Coordinator on issues concerning to the development of the research activities
  • Assist and support external communication, dissemination and exploitation


The IAB is comprised of expertise areas that reflect the activity state-space of the project. These areas include low-energy computing, heterogeneous architectures, programming models and runtimes, as well as the LEGaTO use-cases of smart home (with the IoT gateway), smart cities, machine learning and healthcare. The IAB reviews the project plan and suggest possible additions to better align the project with the needs of industry and user communities. It also assists in directing the work of the project to ensure the compatibility of the technology planned and developed with industry and user requirements. Feedback will be requested via three Technical IAB Meetings.