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LEGaTO project kicks off at BSC

The Low Energy Toolset for Heterogeneous Computing (LEGaTO) project officially started this December with the celebration of a kick off meeting at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). As the coordinator of the project, BSC invited all project partners to this first event with the objective to review the work plan and project objectives.

The kick off meeting, which took place from 14th to 15th December 2017, was divided in two parts. The first day, each work package leader presented its objectives and plannification in order to line up with all the partners involved in the particular work package and to give a general view of the work package to the non-involved partners. The second day was focused on the discussion on the different steps planned for each work package and the general strategy to follow. A final wrap up and conclusions lead by Osman Unsal and Adrián Cristal, coordinators of the project, closed the kick off celebration.

Through the two years of the project, the aim is to develop a made-in-Europe mature software stack, and optimizing it to support energy-efficient computing on a commercial cutting-edge European-developed CPU-GPU-FPGA heterogeneous hardware substrate and FPGA-based Dataflow Engines (DFE), which will lead to an order of magnitude increase in energy efficiency.

A more technical meeting will take place 19-20 February 2018 in Neuchatel in order to align all technical issues of the project.