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LEGaTO´s young computer scientists explore HPC architecture and systems at ACACES 2019

The Fifteenth International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems (ACACES 2019) was a one week summer school for computer architects and tool builders working in the field of high performance computer architecture and compilation for computing systems. The summer school, which took place in Fuiggi, Italy on July 14-20, 2019, aimed to disseminate advanced scientific knowledge and promote international contacts among scientists from academia and industry.

Four young researchers from LEGaTO joined the summer school. Pira Noor Soomro and Jing Chen, Ph.D. students from Chalmers as well as Seyed Saber Nabavilarimi and Omar Ali, research students from Barcelona Supercomputing Center were there to learn, network and also present in the poster session on July 17, 2019. 

"It was a great opportunity to discuss the ongoing work in the context of LEGaTO. The courses included cutting edge information in both hardware and software perspectives of HPC. We represented our work in a poster session where we got constructive feedback about our work and also good ideas to achieve the goals in the context of LEGaTO such as energy efficient solution for deep learning applications. Courses on heterogeneous memory, distributed memory programming (PGAS) and reconfigurable multiprocessor systems (FPGA) were fruitful for getting a grip on my research topic," said Soomro.