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LEGaTO and EuroEXA organise a common tutorial on OmpSs@FPGA

On 11 May 2018, LEGaTO and EuroEXA projects organised a training session on OmpSs@FPGA. The session included a short tutorial on the programming model and a hands-on. Xavier Martorell (UPC/BSC), was the organiser of the tutorial, which took place in the Campus Nord of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, where the Barcelona Supercomputing Center has its premises.

Daniel Jiménez-González, member of the OmpSs@FPGA team at UPC/BSC, conducted the different sessions of the tutorial. The tutorial started with an introduction to OmpSs@FPGA, including the detailed explanation of its directives and clauses, with specific emphasis on heterogeneous programming using the “implements” extension. Later on, the tutorial included the description of the OmpSs@FPGA toolchain, and the way applications are compiled to target the FPGA systems. After this theoretical session, the attendees could try themselves how to install and set up OmpSs@FPGA on their computers, and then apply it to a case study: vector multiplication. The hands-on also included the deployment of the vector multiplication onto the available boards based on Xilinx Zynq-7000 and Zynq U+ chips.

After lunch, the deployments where completed, and there was an additional session to study several of the characteristics of the applications that the various partners will port to the FPGAs in the context of LEGaTO and EuroEXA.

The tutorial was well attended by 9 researchers from the 2 projects, and 5 members of the Programming Models team at BSC, providing support. LEGaTO partners participating on the tutorial were University of Bielefeld, University of Neuchatel and BSC. From EuroEXA, we had University of Manchester, Erasmus Medical Center - University of Rotterdam, and BSC. All of them got a copy of the software ready to be used in their institutions.

Upcoming new training sessions will be provided for the two projects:

  • EuroEXA OmpSs@FPGA training on June 13th, Athens
  • LEGaTO OmpSs@FPGA training on July 3rd, Gothenburg