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PR - Efficient and energy-aware LEGaTO SmartMirror will be showcased at Embedded World 2020

Smart mirrors have gained popularity in recent years. However, their algorithms are often too complex and too compute-heavy for energy-efficient usage. The LEGaTO SmartMirror, developed by the EU-funded LEGaTO project, tackles this specific challenge by using a modular, energy-optimized, heterogeneous processing platform that results in low energy consumption.

The LEGaTO edge server platform, which is being developed to be heterogeneous, modular and scalable, allows for a seamless combination of heterogeneous compute architectures such as CPU, GPU, and FPGA. By using a combination of LEGaTO tool flow and LEGaTO hardware, the optimal processing architecture for the job is achieved, resulting in superior efficiency. It uses the COM-HPC standard for integration of different microservers into the system and allows integration of other standards such as COM Express or NVIDIA Xavier.

The LEGaTO SmartMirror displays the time, transportation schedules, the weather, and even the scores of a football match. It recognizes facial biometrics and customizes its welcome message and functionalities based on who is in front of the mirror. In the context of a smart home use case, it acts as the central control interface of the home, interconnected to the wardrobe, kitchen, and even the main door. The mirror also suggests suitable clothing based on the weather forecast and remind you to take your keys right before you head out. These connected functions provide many advantages to, for example, an aging population trying to achieve home independence. To ensure data privacy, the mirror allows for data to be processed locally instead of sending personal data to a cloud service.

The LEGaTO SmartMirror will be exhibited at Embedded World 2020 by project partners from Bielefeld University and Christmann Informationstechnik + Medien. You may find them at booth 3A-721. Also, LEGaTO will be at the following partner booths: PICMG booth (5-341), Trenz booth (3A-240) as well as the Congatec booth (1-358).

LEGaTO (Low Energy Toolset for Heterogeneous Computing), which runs from 1 December 2017 to 30 November 2020, is funded by the European Commission with a budget of more than €5 million. It focuses on addressing the challenge of energy-efficient heterogeneous computing by starting with a Made-in-Europe mature software stack, and by optimizing this stack to support energy-efficient computing on a commercial cutting-edge European-developed CPU-GPU-FPGA heterogeneous hardware substrate, which will lead to an order of magnitude increase in energy efficiency. 

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